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 Rules of Roleplay Hour

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Rules of Roleplay Hour Empty
PostSubject: Rules of Roleplay Hour   Rules of Roleplay Hour Icon_minitimeSun Aug 08, 2010 4:59 pm

From time to time, I will host a roleplay hour as a means of just having fun Smile Because I know there are quite a few players that like to roleplay, and this game has quite a few mechanics that make RPing easy enough. I'm putting some rules for the hour here on the forums so I won't have to copypasta a long list every time I want to host one...

Please be able to spell. If you use something like "::walx in::" or "::loox at u::", then don't even bother trying to roleplay with me. It will probably get you ignored.

No. Effin. Chatspeak. In IC. I will maul you if I see it.

Know what OOC stands for? Out of Character. That means if you aren't talking as your character, you use the OOC verb.

Be somewhat descriptive. I don't expect a novel, but a little description would be nice.

If you roleplay a battle or something, don't do something stupid like "MYMAGIKARPUSESPERISHSONGGG". No. Just don't. This'll earn you a mauling too.

Don't godmod please. Again, just don't.

Don't bunnyhop either. Bunnyhopping means controlling somebody else's character. E.G: *Bill punches Ben and he falls to the ground. Ben then gets up, shouting at Bill.* See what I did there? Controlled somebody else's character. Not cool.

Follow these rules and you should have a great time Very Happy
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Rules of Roleplay Hour
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