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 Because no one knows how to write a decent application.

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PostSubject: Because no one knows how to write a decent application.   Thu May 21, 2009 6:50 pm

In - Game name: Maxwell.

Pokemons names and lvls: A piplup, level 12 as I'm typing this.
What Gym you are applying for: I am applying for the water gym.
Badges: Zero.
Why you would make a good gym leader -

Unlike most of the people I see writing up these applications, I believe with intelligence should come reward. Without intelligence, what's the point if all you're going to do is bash a button? If I am appointed, many good things will go on that will be fun for the world. unliek most ppl who rite like this all the time, I am generally well-mannered and know my place when I am told. I've also played numerous BYOND games, with a decent track record of GMing (even though I don't think this is what the application is for, is it?). The game also seems lifeless, so I would take students under my wing who would be interested and train them. Many people know me as a funny, helpful person, so this would also add to the life of the game. Stats aren't everything when it comes to a game - It's how you act in the game, as well. I'm a giant roleplay fanatic, but even though this game isn't one I'm sure some elements (good spelling, perhaps?) is always incorporated.

How long you've been playing PBS - One day. However, I think it's no contest that this is probably the best application written so far.

If you actually do take this into consideration, page me at ByakuganNeji9.


Oddly enough, this seriously is better than some people who've played this for quite a while...

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PostSubject: Re: Because no one knows how to write a decent application.   Thu May 21, 2009 6:55 pm

Also keep in mind that I don't expect an immediate appointment to this position, I would just like it to be shown that there are promising applications.
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Because no one knows how to write a decent application.
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