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 Application for Eevee Gym

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PostSubject: Application for Eevee Gym   Fri Apr 10, 2009 5:27 am

In - Game name:Hareta
Pokemons names and lvls:The Shiny Dark lvl 30 The Shiny Light lvl 15. Shiny Light is a Glacieon and Shiny dark is a Leafeon.
What Gym you are applying for:Eevee Gym
Badges:None so far, we are trying our best thugh...
Why you would make a good gym leader:Because i believe i have a great potential for battling. I battle for fun and not for competition and if you lose to me, keep trying, never give up.
How long you've been playing PBS:oh for about a few days now. (3 at the most.)

Very Happy Pokemon BloodStone the best EVA!!!
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Application for Eevee Gym
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