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 Super Shop

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PostSubject: Super Shop   Super Shop Icon_minitimeWed Mar 04, 2009 8:19 pm

Hi my name is Superman and this is a new shop i made n here are stuff for sale btw we are also lvling pokemons

Items for sale:

Master ball 30k Each (3)
Bloodstones 1.3k Each(208)
Santa hat 20k Each (2)

That's all of the Items for now!

Pokemons for sale:

Raichu lvl 100 for 350k
Umbreon lvl 83 for 60k
Luxray lvl 56 for 40k Reseved for Jac
Flareon lvl 36 for 20k
Raichu lvl 100(Attack and Special Atk Stat Boost 400+) for 600k


lvler n Owner:Superman
lvler n Co-Owner:Josh
Door watcher :Jamster
Door watcher:Miles
Co owner 2:Dantai

Shop Hours are:

Whenever we are on

Shop is at:
Areo city pokemon center basement

lvling price:2.5k each lvl

pepoles oreders:

Cumbuskin lvl 20-22 now done
Raichu lvl 18-45 working on it 67.5k
Wigglytuff we r not doing giveing money bak

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PostSubject: dont forget me   Super Shop Icon_minitimeWed Mar 11, 2009 11:56 pm

plus my 2-100 mudkip xD
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PostSubject: xD   Super Shop Icon_minitimeWed Mar 11, 2009 11:59 pm

also for doing so many lvls im giving the store a complimentry treecko on me
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PostSubject: Re: Super Shop   Super Shop Icon_minitimeFri Mar 13, 2009 6:04 pm

im sorry but i have to resign as leveler im no longer a GL so i can't get rydon dummies but i will still be doorwatcher.

P.S. The Raichu order was not complete but i will trade it back if i can once again get Rydon dummies i will be leveler again.
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krises blade

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PostSubject: Re: Super Shop   Super Shop Icon_minitimeWed Mar 18, 2009 2:47 am

Eh that was my raichu (I am seich I placed the order) I know shit happens that don't go according to plan, but I think I have been more then patient enough. I didn't want to have to come here, and give you this bad publicity, but I am afraid you leave me no choice. (I have tried to contact you in game several times about my order, and was ignored each time)

You also have not given me any ultimatum, with the fact that you were/are now unable to complete my order, which is understandable to a point, whether it be give me my money back completely and no raichu back, or perhaps the raichu back with the levels you did get, and then split the difference, either way this is ultimately a waste of time, but at least i can post my annoyance/angry with how this was done, I have seen you on several times.

I will give you the BOD that you may have said something, but chances are if I didn't respond to you about it then I most likely never saw it, which may very well be the case, but I am still annoyed with how it was handled.
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PostSubject: Re: Super Shop   Super Shop Icon_minitime

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Super Shop
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