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 Water Gym Leader

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PostSubject: Water Gym Leader   Water Gym Leader Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2009 9:57 pm

In - Game name:DKXXX
Pokemons names and lvls:Luxray 32 Pidgeot 36 Typhlosion 100 Meganium 32 sandslash 22 Houndoom24 Blastois 39 Raichu 100 Espeon 66 Glaceon 47 Feraligatr 35 Leafeon 55 Combusken 33 The Ichigo 100 Marshtomp 16 waporeon 10
What Gym you are applying for:Water Gym Leader
Badges: Evolution Feather Flower Volt
Why you would make a good gym leader:I think that I am honest player.I try help other Players And I obey rules
How long you've been playing PBS:IDK. Some 20 days but i know this game even that secret forest.
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Water Gym Leader
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