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 E4 Application

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E4 Application Empty
PostSubject: E4 Application   E4 Application Icon_minitimeFri Feb 27, 2009 6:58 pm

In - Game name:Damien the Ringmaster
Pokemons names and lvls:Venasaur lvl 100, Jolteon lvl 100, Glaceon lvl 100, Typhlosion lvl 100, Luxray lvl 100, Arcanine lvl 100, Sceptile lvl 100, Espeon lvl 100, Absol lvl 100, Sandslash lvl 100, Gengar lvl 90, Dusknoir lvl 80, Wigglytuff lvl 38, Vaporeon lvl 36, Charmander lvl 7
Which Elite Four position you are applying for:E1
Why you would make a good Elite four member:im the strongest and most talented trainer not counting already e4
How long you've been playing PBS:since right before halloween
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E4 Application
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